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Landscaping Schedule:
Dates subject to change from weather

Regular Weeky Service - Thursdays

Fertilizing - Quarterly, but not during rainy season

Irrigation - Sprinklers on south side of Lavante run on Mon., Wed, Sat.; north side of street on Tues. Thurs., Sun - no sprinkers on Fridays.

Mulch - Replenished annually

Spraying for Weeds & Bugs -

Trimming - Done weekly


Refuse Collection

Garbage Collection (Monday)
Recycle Information (Tuesday)

Pickup starts at 6:30 am each day

Pickups may be delayed due to holidays - see the holiday schedule.

Board of Directors

Jim Lukas - President

Michael Fasano- Vice President

David Smeltzer - 2nd Vice President

Dan Fitzgerald - Treasurer

Phyllis Rusk - Secretary


To contact a Director, see the neighborhood roster in the "Owner Only" section of this site or use the "Contact Us" link at the upper right of this page.